Inland REIT Now Trading on Realto

October 12, 2022

Initial bid price was $15.50 a share — 24% more than recent mini tender offer

Overland Park, Kan., Oct. 12, 2022 — Realto, the first market for buyers and sellers of alternative and real estate investments, announced that Inland Real Estate Income Trust is now available to trade in its marketplace.

The initial bid price on Realto for Inland REIT was $15.50 a share. This is a 24% increase above the recent unsolicited mini tender Comrit sent to Inland investors for $12.51 per share.

“Realto’s marketplace creates opportunities for buyers and sellers to find the best prices available for liquidating shares. They don’t have to rely on mini tenders that are designed to take advantage of unassuming investors,” said Brian King, Realto CEO.

Investors now have an easy way to buy, sell and bring liquidity to their real estate investments. Realto lets buyers and sellers take control of the timing and price of their transactions.

“Investors no longer have to settle for below-market offers on assets traditionally viewed as illiquid,” said King. “Realto gives shareholders a way to experience liquidity at fair prices.”

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Realto Securities, LLC, developed the first automated marketplace for buying and selling non-traded public REITs, BDCs and other private real estate investments. Using Realto’s proprietary platform, accredited investors can place market or limit orders and see their trades settled in as little as three days, rather than weeks or months. Realto Securities is a subsidiary of Realto, Inc., and a Member of FINRA-SIPC. Visit for more information, including a list of securities traded on the platform, and connect with the company on LinkedInFacebook,  Twitter and YouTube.

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