Realto Launches Platform for Trading of Illiquid Alternative Securities

December 8, 2021

Successfully Completes Trades in Phillips Edison & Co. (PECO) Shares; Expects ATS Approval in January to Enhance Trading Opportunities.

OVERLAND PARK, Kan., Dec. 8, 2021 /PRNewswire/ — Realto, a transparent marketplace for the secondary trading of illiquid real estate and alternative securities, successfully launched its platform by executing trades in Phillips Edison & Co. (PECO) Class B restricted shares.

CEO Brian King and President Jeff Kinney, co-founders, said “The Realto team is excited to reach this milestone as we work to provide all investors with the daily liquidity opportunities and transparency that have not existed in the secondary trading of real estate and other illiquid securities.”

“We are working hand-in-hand with institutions, asset managers, advisors and individuals to democratize trading of these assets and thank our investors and critical partners for their support in making Realto possible,” they added.

In January, the company expects to receive U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission clearance to operate an Alternative Trading System (ATS). The ATS designation will allow Realto to offer additional secondary trading opportunities via enhancements such as additional order types and two-sided quotes.

To trade with Realto, please contact President Jeff Kinney at


Based in Overland Park, Kan., Realto Securities, LLC (a wholly owned subsidiary of Realto, Inc.) is a FINRA-registered broker-dealer that offers an innovative, customer-centric, and transparent market, dedicated to providing investors with the ability to trade traditionally illiquid real estate and alternative securities. For more information, please visit Realto and follow the company on Twitter and LinkedIn.

Realto Media Contact:
Randy Williams

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