Realto January 2022 Update

January 31, 2022

Realto’s momentum continues following our successful launch, and we are moving quickly to take our business to the next level. To that end, we are pleased to announce these important updates.

First, we’re excited to report that the Realto platform has officially earned Alternative Trading System (ATS) from the Securities and Exchange Commission and, as a result, we’ve launched additional trading enhancements, including two-sided quotes. As we said in last month’s blog, this is the next important step in the evolution of our market, simplifying trading of previously illiquid real estate investments and other alternative securities.

Second, we continue to see strong interest from both the sell-side and buy-side to trade on the Realto platform. Our sales personnel are fully engaged with various participants as there is no shortage of key market players that want to help us grow and succeed. This is as expected and an important affirmation of the market’s desire to trade previously illiquid real estate and alternative securities.

As we grow, we have three additional areas of focus at this time:

1. Launching new Products.

Realto launched six new products this week and we expect to launch several additional products in the coming weeks including CIM Real Estate Finance Trust, Pacific Oak Strategic Opportunity REIT, and SILA Realty Trust. Log in to Realto’s marketplace to see current and upcoming listings on the platform.

2. Fundraising.

As noted in December, we are actively engaged in our next venture round as we seek to raise capital to help scale and expand our business. We are in advanced discussions with numerous parties and expect to make a significant announcement in the coming weeks.

3. Expanding the Realto team.

Also in December, we mentioned our plans to expand our team, and, in particular, we are earnestly interviewing chief legal officer candidates. We’ve been pleased with the breadth and ability of interviewees to date and look forward to announcing a hire soon.

We are also actively seeking additional engineers, sales, and operations personnel as we enter the next phase of our growth. If you know of any candidates that might be a good fit at Realto, please visit us at

As always, we will update you on the progress of these – and other initiatives – soon and, again, we thank you for your support.

Brian King, LODAS CEO

LODAS Securities, LLC Member FINRA / SIPC - LODAS Securities, LLC is a wholly subsidiary of LODAS Markets, Inc.

The information provided herein does not constitute an offer to sell securities or the solicitation of an offer to buy securities, which can only be made by the applicable offering document filed and registered with the appropriate state and/or federal regulatory agencies and sold by broker dealers authorized to do so. There is no guarantee that a market will develop for some securities, and as a result, they may remain illiquid.

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